power grading

Our powerful yet compact power rake boasts a steel main drum tipped with tungsten carbide teeth to help it rip up and grade many surfaces. We can grade and shift material around surfaces topped with gravel, limestone, soil, and sand. this means a worn out gravel driveway might yet see another day with some grooming from our machine!

Thanks to our flotation tyres we can use the power grader as a means of levelling and 'fluffing up' soil on a new house site in preparation for seed without creating any unwanted compaction.

Having 8 of these flotation tyres makes grading up and down hills a breeze, so even steep farm tracks can get a freshen up!

Other surfaces that benefit from rotary grading are areas that experience heavy use and foot or vehicle traffic, such mulched playgrounds, animal yards (gravel or mulch/woodchip) an