maintenance programs

We don't just do one off jobs, we can also help you keep your property looking awesome after our first visit!

Because many of our services are designed to help you freshen up and improve your property, we have built a support system to help maintain the awesome results or services provide.

Listed below are some of the main services which we have organised maintenance and support for.


Horse arena care

Horse arenas get pretty abused, either by heavy rain or heavy use, and often need constant maintenance at least seasonally (4 times a year) depending on weather and use.

We offer a total renovation service but also have several maintenance options to help you keep your arena looking flash!

Driveway maintenance

Gravel driveways are very good value for money over expensive asphalt or concrete surfaces.

However, with heavy traffic, rain and even general use, a driveway left unattended will deteriorate rapidly.

We can re-grade after a harsh winter or spread fresh gravel to change the look of your property, also offer simple seasonal maintenance options to keep your driveway or track looking fantastic year round!

steep mowing maintenance


Steep hills can be daunting to mow with a regular ride on, our ventrac loves it!

Most steep areas are not worth mowing weekly to maintain a fine lawn, but it is necessary to top and mulch them down often enough to reduce fire risk and keep areas tidy.

We can organise regular hillside mowing to keep your banks, berms and hills looking tidy!

Lawn and paddock aeration/over-seeding


Most grassed areas do not respond well to compaction, foot traffic, vehicle traffic and even animal movements are all major causes of compaction.

Have you had a big event at home noticed your lawn has been damaged by guests walking all over it? 

Do you have horses or other livestock running up and down fences, compacting the ground and killing grass?

Our aerator over-seeder can help bring back and maintain grassed areas that have suffered or regularly get damaged by any kind of compaction.